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Indiana Dentistry | Anderson, IN | Gregg W. Horstmeyer, DDS | 765-644-4343

"When Brett and I got married in January of 2005, I relocated to Indiana from San Diego, California. I needed to find a dentist that I could trust with my teeth, as I already had extensive work done, including braces. Brett was already a patient of Dr. Horstmeyer, so I felt they would be a good choice. I went in for my first cleaning and check-up. After my visit, I knew I found a dentist I would be seeing for years to come. The entire staff is friendly, professional and always willing to take the time to address our concerns. Case and point: I had to have crown work done and Dr. Horstmeyer made sure they were a perfect fit. Three crowns later (And they are all in the front), I love them. They looked and feel beautiful and very natural. So, come on, what are you waiting for? Give them a call." - Jacquie

Be proud of how you look

Sometimes, even perfectly healthy teeth do not quite look perfect. Over the years, cracks, stains, gaps, and more can appear, chipping away at your self-confidence. We want to give patients a look they can show off proudly to the world. That is why Dr. Horstmeyer offers cosmetic dentistry services that are designed to erase visual flaws and beautifully improve your pearly whites in ways that look completely natural. Our team cannot wait to give you a new reason to smile!

Feel confident again

Get the proper care you need and deserve with our wide range of cosmetic options.

Resins – You might know this type of restoration that we call a “tooth colored” filling. Resins protect your teeth from further damage and also act to camouflage damage and create a more natural appearance. They are highly durable and strong

Crowns – A Dental Crown is a tooth-shaped porcelain covering that is used to cover a badly damaged tooth. The crown restores the tooth to its original shape and size, strength and improves its appearance.

Bridges – Bridges are several crowns fused together in order to replace several teeth in an area.

Implants – An implant is an artificial tooth root that is inserted into your jaw. This post can then support a crown. This is a great option for people who have lost a tooth.

Teeth Whitening – Dental stains can happen for a variety of reasons, including age, certain medications, and a love of coffee and wine. If you have been struggling with a lackluster smile, let our team transform it for the better with our teeth whitening services! In-office whitening with the power of ZOOM! Can dramatically brighten your teeth by several shades in just a single visit to our office, which is often ideal for patients with busy schedules. If you would prefer to whiten in the comfort of your own home, customized kits are also available that can create gorgeous results in just a few weeks.

For all your cosmetic dental needs – call Dr. Horstmeyer today!

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