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Dr. Horstmeyer has taken Continuing Education classes on how to safely and effectively administer sedation so you can get your dental work done comfortably.




Dentistry | Anderson, IN | Gregg W. Horstmeyer, DDS | 765-644-4343

"Had dental phobia for as long as I can remember, My first visit to Dr. Gregg and I come out smiling! He has been my dentist for over 14 years." - The Ref


We love helping patients enjoy their trips to our office through warm greetings, familiar settings, and a comfortable atmosphere that makes them feel right at home. However, our team understands that for many adults, dental anxiety is still a problem that keeps them from pursuing the care they and their smiles need to thrive. If you struggle with going to the dentist because of these issues, please give us a call. Dr. Horstmeyer is happy to offer sedation dentistry services that are designed to relieve feelings of fear and help you feel at ease as we transform your oral health and beauty.

Our sedation options include:

Nitrous Oxide is often a good choice for cases of mild to moderate dental phobia. The gas is administered through a mask that fits over your nose, and many patients find that their nervous feelings dissipate quickly, replaced by sensations of relaxation and contentment. Best of all, once our team has completed your treatment and removed the mask, you will be completely back to normal in a matter of minutes, meaning that you can go back to work, run errands, and even drive after leaving our office.

With conscious sedation, even patients with moderate to severe dental anxiety can receive the dental care they need as simply and comfortably as possible! We will prescribe an oral medication for you to take at a predetermined time before your procedure. While you will still be awake and able to respond to commands while under the influence of conscious sedation, most patients enter such a deep state of comfort that they hardly remember anything about the treatment once it is finished. You will need a trusted friend or family member to accompany you to and from our Anderson dental office, as well as keep an eye on you for the rest of the day following your appointment. By the next morning, you should be completely back to normal – and better yet, you will have an improved smile to feel great about.

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