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Do not suffer through another day with a decayed, injured, or otherwise lacking smile. Instead, regain your oral health and confidence completely with the help of Dr. Horstmeyer and his dedicated team. We specialize in dental care that truly goes a step above! Contact our office today to schedule your first appointment.


Denture Repairs | Anderson, IN | Gregg W. Horstmeyer, DDS | 765-644-4343

Dr. Horstmeyer is committed to providing the latest technology to make your visit comfortable!

Advanced Dental technology offers better solutions for traditional oral health problems than ever before. This trend allows us to keep you more comfortable!  New techniques are less invasive and more dependable.

Everything from a “happy visit” for your child to sophisticated implants for our adult patients. He does root canal treatments in one visit, from start to finish! Many of our patients have remarked how gentle he is when they have an extraction.

  • Digital Imaging – Even with 20/20 vision, there are dental problems that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Dr. Horstmeyer uses digital radiography to detect these problems, and you can relax knowing the radiation exposure is low (85-90% less than traditional X-rays.) We utilize digital X-rays to complement your visual exam. They do not contain disposable foil or plastic, either, so they are environmentally friendly as well. Digital radiographs allow early detection and diagnosis, allowing treatment long before problems become visible to the naked eye.
  • Micro Air Abrasion – No Drill, No Shots!! Micro Air Abrasion allows us to prepare your teeth painlessly using a gentle stream of air and aluminum oxide particles. It is more conservative than using a dental drill and tooth-colored fillings are much smaller, leaving more of your healthy tooth structure.
  • The Wand – Dr. Horstmeyer is happy to offer this amazing computerized anesthetic delivery system which allows us to numb your teeth without worry, fear, or discomfort. It provides an accurate and safer delivery of anesthetic. Many people say “I didn’t feel a thing!”
  • The Diagnodent – If you are like most of us, you’ve had the dentist find a cavity, had to have a rather large filling placed, and wondered why the cavity wasn’t found six months ago. The answer is that the cavity was there six months ago – it just wasn’t big enough to show on X-rays, and it wasn’t detectable with dental tools yet. Dr. Horstmeyer now uses the aid of a laser scanner, the Diagnodent, which finds cavities years earlier. The ultra-small cavity can then be repaired with a small, nearly invisible white filling.
  • Tooth-Colored Fillings – Many patients are thrilled to learn that noticeable silver fillings are a thing of the past. Instead, patients can have their cavities treated with composite material that is shaded to blend into your smile in a virtually indistinguishable fashion. Tooth-colored fillings are also conservative (meaning that we can preserve more of your natural tooth structure when compared to traditional fillings) and much less sensitive to particularly hot or cold temperatures, resulting in increased comfort.



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